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Marios Cleovoulou

Hi, and welcome to my personal website.

I'm currently taking a (well earned :-) break and pondering the future.
You can read about what I got up to in my previous lives below...

The Newsletters contain briefer summaries of the year in one page
while the individual links have (usually) fuller reports.

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Marios Cleovoulou.
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SCUBA me  Archaeological me  Bearded me  Clean shaved me
SCUBA me Archaeological me  The beard comes
and goes
 as do the
During Holi, the Hindu
festival of colour, in Nepal
Musical Notes


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AidCamps International AidCamps International AidCamps International AidCamps International Setting up AidCamps International (2002 Newsletter) On Safari Assessing a reforestation project in Tanzania Greenforce Coral Reef Biodiversity Survey, Bahamas Frontier Marine Research Expedition, Tanzania Frontier Marine Research Expedition, Madagascar Alqueva Dam Project, Portugal Greenforce Coral Reef Biodiversity Survey, Fiji American Expedition to Petra, Jordan Riparo Tagliente, Italy Isernia La Pineta, Italy Douglas Robinson Marine Turtle Research Centre, Costa Rica Orphanage Playschemes and Mural, Bosnia Assessing community development organisations in Ghana Pro Primates Ghana. Colobus Monkey Research Project, Ghana Maltese Archaeology Summer School, Malta India (1997 Newsletter) Dunjak Shelter, Croatia Excavating Etruscan Tombs, Italy Bosnia and Herzegovina: A brief view Photos from many projects

International Development Aid Charity

  2002 - 2009

Voluntary Work and Field Studies

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Charitable Organisations I have founded, support, have worked with, etc...

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Please note that I do not run or offer volunteer placements myself, nor do I run any organisations that make grants or offer any kind of funding.  For volunteering with or requesting grants/funding from any of the organisations listed on this site, please follow the links to the organisation's website.


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